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I discovered there are some actual Hanging with Friends Cheat that is definitely not cool. Just beware that some people can hack their device to do some real cheating. That is most definitely not strategy. So I don’t think what we do here is a Hanging with Friends Cheat since we are just using data to inform our strategy. But if you find a way to see the word without even having to guess, that is a real Hanging with Friends Cheat that I cannot support.


Check out our Hanging with Friends Word Builder and Word Generator for the highest points and hardest to guess works.

Check out our Hanging with Friends Word Solver for the information you need to inform your guesses.

But don’t use Hanging with Friends Cheat that isn’t cool.

Hanging with Friends Cheat isn’t cool, but Hanging with Friends Strategy like what we have here just keeps it informed and fun.

Bad Hanging with Friends Cheat Sites versus Hanging with Friends Strategy

The tagline for my site says, “It’s not cheating–it’s strategy.” So why is this not cheating? In my opinion cheating is cheap, uninformed and thoughtless. On this Hanging with Friends site, there was lots of thought, strategy and smarts put into the output.

As an example, many online Hanging with Friends cheat sites were clearly created by someone who doesn’t even play Hanging with Friends, or they didn’t think much about it if they do. Many assumed that Hanging with Friends is just a hangman game. In fact, there are many distinctions between Hanging with Friends and Hangman. The Hanging with Friends word solvers and other Hanging with Friends cheats on those sites often fail to make note of this. Some Hanging with Friends cheats have inflated solver dictionaries muddling their (probably thoughtless) strategy for solving words.

Moreover, many Hanging with Friends word solvers miss an important distinction. In Hanging with Friends, the last vowel is free. As Zynga pointed out in an early Facebook post, this has some implications. They drew a nice picture illustrating it.

Free Vowel and the Vowel-Free ZoneMany fail to note the vowel-free zone created by that last vowel being free. As a result, their Hanging with Friends cheat word solvers return the word “FAZES” (among others) as a possible word in the above diagram. But the last vowel is “FAZES” is an E and not the A. As a result, “FAZES” cannot be the word. With this last vowel given, there are exactly 382 possibles words for the word in the picture. However, if you omit the “vowel-free” fact in your Hanging with Friends word solver, you’ll find 1,489 words. That’s almost four times as many possibilities!

If you want a quality Hanging with Friends word solver that’s a good strategy, I suggest you give mine a try. Some argue that it’s still cheating. But they are usually just mad because they got out cheated–I mean out strategized! Haha! In any event, enjoy Hanging with Friends and never cheat.


Words From Zynga about TW/DW Disappearance

Everyone seems to have noticed that TW and DW are far less common since the iOS update to 4.09. I wrote an early analysis of the issue a couple weeks ago (click through to see a complete a data analysis), but I can now report back a final conclusion that I suspected all along. The guys (and gals) over at Zynga have always been very friendly to me ever since I emailed them asking for permission to rip of all their their graphics for use on my fan site. Not only did they grant me permission (with a few caveats that I have adhered to thus far), but they were extremely welcoming to the idea of fans contributing to the community. So the idea that the TW/DW disappearance was a conspiracy against their users didn’t fit well with my experience.

Today I got an email with the following tidbit relating to this issue. This quote is from the lead developer of the game as relayed to me by a lead community manager from Zynga who gave me permission to share it with you.

“To set the record straight, this is a valid complaint. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the system prior to 4.09 that caused TW & DW to show up WAY too frequently. The glitch was corrected, so there are indeed fewer occurrences.”

So there you have it. The final word is that it was an error in the TW and DW to begin with, and they finally corrected it. It sort of makes sense. And before you get mad at them for making an error when writing a complicated computer program, try your hands at writing perfect code a few times first!

Personally, I hope many people are responsibly buying lots of coins and generating lots of profit for Zynga. Without the profit, it would just close down and then we’d all have something new to complain about, but no one left to hear our complaints.

If you want to always find the highest points words possible, use my Hanging with Friends Word Builder and then you’ll know you’re getting all the points you can.

Hanging with Friends Word Builder

iOS 4.0.9 TW Bonus Frequency (Is DL the new TW?)

After the recent iOS 4.0.9 update, many people took to Facebook to complain that the TW bonus was becoming scarcer than before. Formerly, this was the most common bonus people received. Many speculated this was a decision made by Zynga since the Hanging with Friends Coin Store opened, and it now allows coin purchases with cash. I wasn’t concerned about the why as much as determining if it is true. That’s where my site has some good value since I’ve got lots of hard core stats to use for such questions.

The 4.0.9 hit the iOS app store on 10/13.  For the data I have collected below after 10/15, there’s no guarantee that the data is ALL from an iOS device with 4.0.9 installed, but you’ll see that there’s a really big change in the tw regardless. One should note this is just a small sample in the wide world of Hanging with Friends, but I think it’s big enough to make some casual observations.

Here are the details in a nice data table (or four!).

Distribution of 1,157 Games on or after 10/8/2011, but before 10/12/2011. This is BEFORE 4.0.9 update released.
Location 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total
dw 1.0% 0.9% 0.8% 1.8% 2.3% 2.7% 3.5% 2.9% 16.0%
dl 1.3% 0.9% 1.6% 4.3% 3.4% 3.5% 5.4% 4.7% 25.1%
tw 3.2% 1.2% 2.5% 4.7% 5.4% 4.8% 8.0% 7.8% 37.4%
tl 0.6% 1.3% 1.6% 2.9% 3.4% 3.2% 3.7% 4.8% 21.5%
Total 6.1% 4.2% 6.5% 13.7% 14.4% 14.2% 20.7% 20.2% 100.0%

Compare the above table to what seems to be happening after the update.

Distribution of 1,445 Games on or after 10/15/2011, but before 10/19/2011. This is AFTER 4.0.9 update released.
Location 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total Change
dw 0.8% 0.5% 1.0% 1.5% 2.0% 2.0% 3.1% 2.0% 12.9%
dl 1.9% 2.8% 2.1% 4.0% 5.8% 4.1% 8.2% 5.7% 34.6%
tw 1.5% 1.0% 1.5% 2.7% 2.0% 2.6% 3.5% 4.1% 18.7%
tl 1.9% 2.1% 2.2% 4.3% 4.4% 3.5% 6.9% 8.5% 33.8%
Total 6.0% 6.4% 6.7% 12.5% 14.3% 12.2% 21.7% 20.3% 100.0%

It certainly looks like TW (the highest) took a dive and DL (the lowest) took over the lead. The TL also got a boost, while DW took a dive. There doesn’t seem to be any significant change in bonus placement, however.

So is this a conspiracy to buy more coins with cash? Well let’s see how this plays out with coin accumulation.

My Word Builder/Word Generator always finds the highest points word possible for a given set of letters and bonus. If someone always picks the highest points words (never mind that you’ll probably lose because they are likely also easier to guess!), what would happen? Using the same sample I used for the above calculations, here’s how many points and coins you would earn.

Maximum Possible Points and Coin Accumulation for 1,157 Games on or after 10/8/2011, but before 10/12/2011. This is BEFORE 4.0.9 update released.
Total Top Points
Words Per Coin
Words Per 1000 Coins

And here’s the after update.

Maximum Possible Points and Coin Accumulation for 1,445 Games on or after 10/15/2011, but before 10/19/2011. This is AFTER 4.0.9 update released.
Total Top Points
Words Per Coin
Words Per 1000 Coins

The upshot seems to be there’s now a 14.2% tax on coins. That is, you’ve got to play about 14.2% longer to earn 1,000 coins (or any number of coins) than before the 4.0.9 iOS update.

Conspiracy for cash? That’s for you to decide. But personally I like Zynga, and I think they’re good guys (and gals). But it is a business trying to earn a profit. If they don’t make a profit, they likely won’t keep the game going for you to play. But you can still just play longer and keep your cash.

Hanging with Friends Bonus Tiles


 Updated: Check out a final word from Zynga.

Conjure is coming!

The new Hanging with Friends builder lifeline Conjure allows you to buy a blank tile. It’s amazingly powerful for finding even harder to guess words. Since you must always pay for it, it makes no sense to use it just to find words with higher points. The goal should be to find harder to guess words. I’m working on implementing it here soon. I’ve got a beta version running on my local test site and I’ll get it up soon.

Conjure LifelineConjure Coming Soon!

In the mean time, enjoy my Hanging with Friends Word Generator/Word Builder to help beat cheaters and find hard to guess Hanging with Friends words every time.

More posts coming soon. I’m very busy this time of year, but I’ve got lots of good stuff in store.

My Secret Strategy for Winning Hanging with Friends

People always ask what’s my secret after I destroy them in Hanging with Friends. I’ll tell everyone. You don’t win Hanging with Friends by guessing your opponent’s words. Guessing words just helps you stay alive, but not win! You win Hanging with Friends by picking hard words your opponent can’t guess. And points are meaningless if they guess your word.

I made this site to help me win Hanging with Friends, and to share my secrets with you. More posts are “in the works” but it’s a busy time of the year for me. Stay tuned…

Highest Points Hanging with Friends Words (You won’t ever make them!)

In Hanging with Friends, you are limited to the words you can make based on the words you are given. A fun fact I was able to calculate is that the highest point word possible in my dictionary is ZYZZYVAS. If you get the letters to make this word AND a triple word bonus, you’ll rack up 129 points. But if you were to pick that word, I guess it in only a few guesses. I’ll not even bother doing a real calculation of the probability of being able to make that word, since I’m pretty sure getting 3 Zs in Hanging with Friends is pretty much impossible.

The rest of the top highest points Hanging with Friends words are listed below. But don’t count on being able to play many of them anytime soon, since they require pretty rare occurences.

Word MaxPoints
zyzzyvas 129
zyzzyva 126
jazzlike 120
pizazzy 117
quizzing 117
zizzling 117
bezazzes 114
jazzman 114
jazzmen 114
pazazzes 114
pizazzes 114
jazzily 111
jazzing 111
bezazz 108
pazazz 108
pizazz 108
quizzed 108
quizzers 108
zizzled 108
buzzwigs 105
jazziest 105
quizzer 105
quizzes 105
zizzles 105

The highest points word I recall playing is JAROVIZE for 90 points. What’s your highest points Hanging with Friends word?

Picking words for high points isn’t often the same as picking words that are hard to guess. Do you want points or do you want to win Hanging with Friends? I want both, and that’s often the conflict in Hanging with Friends.

Basics about my Hanging with Friends dictionary

The actual Hanging with Friends dictionary is not published online (that I could find). But Zynga bases their dictionary on the widely available Enhanced North American Benchmark LExicon (ENABLE). I downloaded it from here. The ENABLE word list I downloaded consists of 172,820 words. But Hanging with Friends restricts their word list to only words with 4,5,6,7 or 8 letters. This narrows the dictionary significantly. In addition, according to Zynga’s Words with Friends rule book,

Words With Friends has more than 173,000 acceptable words for use in the game. Our list is based on the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE), a public domain list used by many word games. Tap here to visit the site where the original ENABLE list resides. We’ve added a few of our own words to game such as ‘zen’ and ‘texting,’ and more words may be added in the future. If you’d like to suggest a word, you can do that here.

I don’t have access to the exact list of words they added. I hunted around the internets and added a few more words from wordlists I found. They additionally state they have removed, “derogatory words and racial slurs.” I did a quick google search to try to find a list of these types of words to remove from my list. But I didn’t find a comprehensive list. As a result, I left all the bad words in my dictionary. Perhaps, I should have looked harder since in an upcoming post on the “hardest words” to guess, I’ll have to get out my red pen and censor my own post!

My end result is a dictionary of 82,555 words. Here’s the first look, of many, at some statistics about these words.

Length Number
4 4,031
5 8,939
6 15,788
7 24,029
8 29,768

And here’s a histogram (a histogram is a fancy word for bar graph. We mathematicians like to use fancy words. Did I mention I’m a mathematician? Well, now you know.

Word Length Distribution

Here are a few additional fast facts about the letter distributions in my dictionary. Some of these may turn out to be quite useful for our later discussions.

Letter Words
Number in
a 38,256 45,266 9
b 11,656 12,848 2
c 18,507 20,204 2
d 20,612 23,059 5
e 51,126 65,991 13
f 7,554 8,584 2
g 14,834 16,572 3
h 13,146 13,681 4
i 36,667 42,143 8
j 1,438 1,466 1
k 7,734 8,095 1
l 27,451 31,354 4
m 14,733 15,980 2
n 28,777 32,487 5
o 28,959 34,348 8
p 14,932 16,539 2
q 1,009 1,009 1
r 35,460 40,412 6
s 42,659 52,497 5
t 28,045 32,164 7
u 19,344 20,578 4
v 5,180 5,347 2
w 6,483 6,657 2
x 1,827 1,837 1
y 9,999 10,253 2
z 2,218 2,523 1


What’s all this mean for your strategies when building and guessing words? Well that’s what we’re here to explore. And these statistics are only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned.

Introduction to Hanging with Cheaters

Hanging with Friends is a a sequel to the popular Zynga game Words with Friends. Hanging with Friends adds some new twists to the classic game Hangman. However, as we shall see in future posts, Hanging with Friends changes Hangman significantly. On this site, we will explore how these differences affect strategy for solving and building words. I’ve conducted some extensive simulations and data collection to inform our explorations.

In addition to offering game analysis, I’ve implemented some tools to help solve and build words. At first glance, this might seem like cheating. I disagree. In fact, this site is the only site I’ve found that both offers assistance, AND offers the information needed to BEAT CHEATERS! Cheaters often pick letters foolishly and predictably. Our tools help you find words that their tactics won’t easily locate.

This is just the beginning of Hanging with Cheaters. Here we don’t cheat. Here we deploy advanced strategies to win.