Bad Hanging with Friends Cheat Sites versus Hanging with Friends Strategy

The tagline for my site says, “It’s not cheating–it’s strategy.” So why is this not cheating? In my opinion cheating is cheap, uninformed and thoughtless. On this Hanging with Friends site, there was lots of thought, strategy and smarts put into the output.

As an example, many online Hanging with Friends cheat sites were clearly created by someone who doesn’t even play Hanging with Friends, or they didn’t think much about it if they do. Many assumed that Hanging with Friends is just a hangman game. In fact, there are many distinctions between Hanging with Friends and Hangman. The Hanging with Friends word solvers and other Hanging with Friends cheats on those sites often fail to make note of this. Some Hanging with Friends cheats have inflated solver dictionaries muddling their (probably thoughtless) strategy for solving words.

Moreover, many Hanging with Friends word solvers miss an important distinction. In Hanging with Friends, the last vowel is free. As Zynga pointed out in an early Facebook post, this has some implications. They drew a nice picture illustrating it.

Free Vowel and the Vowel-Free ZoneMany fail to note the vowel-free zone created by that last vowel being free. As a result, their Hanging with Friends cheat word solvers return the word “FAZES” (among others) as a possible word in the above diagram. But the last vowel is “FAZES” is an E and not the A. As a result, “FAZES” cannot be the word. With this last vowel given, there are exactly 382 possibles words for the word in the picture. However, if you omit the “vowel-free” fact in your Hanging with Friends word solver, you’ll find 1,489 words. That’s almost four times as many possibilities!

If you want a quality Hanging with Friends word solver that’s a good strategy, I suggest you give mine a try. Some argue that it’s still cheating. But they are usually just mad because they got out cheated–I mean out strategized! Haha! In any event, enjoy Hanging with Friends and never cheat.


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