Words From Zynga about TW/DW Disappearance

Everyone seems to have noticed that TW and DW are far less common since the iOS update to 4.09. I wrote an early analysis of the issue a couple weeks ago (click through to see a complete a data analysis), but I can now report back a final conclusion that I suspected all along. The guys (and gals) over at Zynga have always been very friendly to me ever since I emailed them asking for permission to rip of all their their graphics for use on my fan site. Not only did they grant me permission (with a few caveats that I have adhered to thus far), but they were extremely welcoming to the idea of fans contributing to the community. So the idea that the TW/DW disappearance was a conspiracy against their users didn’t fit well with my experience.

Today I got an email with the following tidbit relating to this issue. This quote is from the lead developer of the game as relayed to me by a lead community manager from Zynga who gave me permission to share it with you.

“To set the record straight, this is a valid complaint. Unfortunately, there was a glitch in the system prior to 4.09 that caused TW & DW to show up WAY too frequently. The glitch was corrected, so there are indeed fewer occurrences.”

So there you have it. The final word is that it was an error in the TW and DW to begin with, and they finally corrected it. It sort of makes sense. And before you get mad at them for making an error when writing a complicated computer program, try your hands at writing perfect code a few times first!

Personally, I hope many people are responsibly buying lots of coins and generating lots of profit for Zynga. Without the profit, it would just close down and then we’d all have something new to complain about, but no one left to hear our complaints.

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  1. Goog711 says:

    Yes….My complaint …everytime I get to 200 pts I am never credited. This has happened numerous times….what a joke

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