Hard to Guess Hanging with Friends Words (8 Letters)

I analyzed all the words in the Hanging with Friends dictionary to determine which words I think are the hardest to guess. I included a rating of each word in my Hanging with Friends Word Builder. Most words are rated 0 since they can be easily guessed using my Hanging with Friends Word Solver with or without using a lifeline.

Here are the words I determined to be the hardest to guess. I’m posting them in separate posts based on word size.

Zynga gives you the last vowel for free AND only 4 strikes to guess the remaining 7 letters. In hangman, 8 letter words are often easy to guess since there are so many letters you can sometimes just get lucky and guess a correct letter and get another clue. But Zynga’s strike rule is extremely punitive for 8 letter words. As a result, 8 letter words are extremely difficult to guess, IF you can pick a good word like the ones below.

You’ll note that we finally see an appearance of my top score I give to a word. There are three words tied for the honors of hardest to guess Hanging with Friends words

So here are my top 14 Eight Letter Hanging with Friends words.

word Score***
fuddling 100
puzzling 100
vuggiest 100
buggiest 76
burriest 76
cuttling 76
huddling 76
puckered 76
ruddiest 76
rumpling 76
shammers 76
shudders 76
thumbing 76
trucking 76

** The Score column lists my own rating (out of 100) at how hard this word is to guess. I can’t tell you how I determined what that number is–it’s my own secret recipe but it involves some math! This isn’t the points you’d earn.You can’t cheat using my Hanging with Friends Word Solver to guess these words. You’ll have to be more clever.



  1. Alec Affolter says:

    I think that “lynching” is the best word ever because you opponent spends all four strikes guessing vowels that they will never get. Doesnt that make sense?

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