Hard to Guess Hanging with Friends Words (4 Letters)

I analyzed all the words in the Hanging with Friends dictionary to determine which words I think are the hardest to guess. I included a rating of each word in my Hanging with Friends Word Builder. Most words are rated 0 since they can be easily guessed using my Hanging with Friends Word Solver with or without using a lifeline.

Here are the words I determined to be the hardest to guess. I’m posting them in separate posts based on word size.

In hangman, 4 letter words are usually harder to guess than longer words. But since Zynga gives you the last vowel for free AND 8 strikes to guess the remaining 3 letters, they actually often become quite easy to guess. And of course you can always use 9 strikes with the Revive lifeline or narrow it more with the 4 Suspects lifeline.

So here are my top 12 Four Letter Hanging with Friends words.

word Score**
kafs 73
fyke 59
hawk 59
jake 59
jape 59
jars 59
joke 59
lacs 59
mice 59
mime 59
wave 59
wite 59

You can’t cheat using my  Hanging with Friends Word Solver  to guess these words. You’ll have to be more clever.

** The Score column lists my own rating (out of 100) at how hard this word is to guess. I can’t tell you how I determined what that number is–it’s my own secret recipe but it involves some math! This isn’t the points you’d earn.



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