Conjure is coming!

The new Hanging with Friends builder lifeline Conjure allows you to buy a blank tile. It’s amazingly powerful for finding even harder to guess words. Since you must always pay for it, it makes no sense to use it just to find words with higher points. The goal should be to find harder to guess words. I’m working on implementing it here soon. I’ve got a beta version running on my local test site and I’ll get it up soon.

Conjure LifelineConjure Coming Soon!

In the mean time, enjoy my Hanging with Friends Word Generator/Word Builder to help beat cheaters and find hard to guess Hanging with Friends words every time.

More posts coming soon. I’m very busy this time of year, but I’ve got lots of good stuff in store.


  1. Kollmaal says:

    Why buy a blank when you can get one anytime because of a bug in the pro

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