Highest Points Hanging with Friends Words (You won’t ever make them!)

In Hanging with Friends, you are limited to the words you can make based on the words you are given. A fun fact I was able to calculate is that the highest point word possible in my dictionary is ZYZZYVAS. If you get the letters to make this word AND a triple word bonus, you’ll rack up 129 points. But if you were to pick that word, I guess it in only a few guesses. I’ll not even bother doing a real calculation of the probability of being able to make that word, since I’m pretty sure getting 3 Zs in Hanging with Friends is pretty much impossible.

The rest of the top highest points Hanging with Friends words are listed below. But don’t count on being able to play many of them anytime soon, since they require pretty rare occurences.

Word MaxPoints
zyzzyvas 129
zyzzyva 126
jazzlike 120
pizazzy 117
quizzing 117
zizzling 117
bezazzes 114
jazzman 114
jazzmen 114
pazazzes 114
pizazzes 114
jazzily 111
jazzing 111
bezazz 108
pazazz 108
pizazz 108
quizzed 108
quizzers 108
zizzled 108
buzzwigs 105
jazziest 105
quizzer 105
quizzes 105
zizzles 105

The highest points word I recall playing is JAROVIZE for 90 points. What’s your highest points Hanging with Friends word?

Picking words for high points isn’t often the same as picking words that are hard to guess. Do you want points or do you want to win Hanging with Friends? I want both, and that’s often the conflict in Hanging with Friends.