Introduction to Hanging with Cheaters

Hanging with Friends is a a sequel to the popular Zynga game Words with Friends. Hanging with Friends adds some new twists to the classic game Hangman. However, as we shall see in future posts, Hanging with Friends changes Hangman significantly. On this site, we will explore how these differences affect strategy for solving and building words. I’ve conducted some extensive simulations and data collection to inform our explorations.

In addition to offering game analysis, I’ve implemented some tools to help solve and build words. At first glance, this might seem like cheating. I disagree. In fact, this site is the only site I’ve found that both offers assistance, AND offers the information needed to BEAT CHEATERS! Cheaters often pick letters foolishly and predictably. Our tools help you find words that their tactics won’t easily locate.

This is just the beginning of Hanging with Cheaters. Here we don’t cheat. Here we deploy advanced strategies to win.